Pictures From the Northwest Nationals Coyote Calling Contest which smokeapackaday sponsored. (Top picture) All the teams and dogs. (bottom picture:) A couple of great guys talking to the "boss".                                                                                        

This is the reason why nobody is seeing any more Elk in Idaho...

Wolves proliferate like rabbits, these predators have already devastated the mule deer and elk herds.                    Weippee Idaho



Our Pro Staff out for some much needed R&R

Share this with your friends- The difference between a wolf and a coyote (thanks Gary)

Our elk harvest this year. By Dell, Montana. Picture taken at our hunting camp. (Thank You, D Decker)

Oops! Wrong buck at 30 feet (thanks J. Cover)

Custom Kids Shirts!

Bull Rider Vest from our new Rodeo Pro Staff in Jackson WY (C. Watsabaugh)