Welcome to Smoke A Pack A Day!


Idaho Mule Deer and Elk hunters unite!
Show your feelings on your trucks and on your backs.


After seeing the low number of Idaho Mule Deer and Idaho Elk, the term 'Smoke a Pack a Day' was born. To improve the mule deer hunting and the elk hunting numbers, we need to do some wolf hunting. Click HERE to visit the truth about wolves. Wolf hunters, show your attitude with 'Smoke a Pack a Day' decals, shirts, and travel mugs. And, of course, we sell some other cool stuff too. Check out our website to view all the hunting products we carry.


We donate a portion of our proceeds to both the Mule Deer and Elk Foundations.

Click HERE to visit the Mule Deer Foundation

Click HERE to visit the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Click HERE to visit Safari Club International